Unicrew Management was happy and honoured to participate in the christening of the Sea Cloud Spirit in Palma De Mallorca on the 3rd September, 2021. Gabriela Toran, wife of the ship’s designer, Iñigo Echenique stepped in did us all the honours godmother by cutting the ribbon that held the Champagne bottle brought specially for the occasion.

The Champagne bottle used for the christening was carried by Javier Arias-Camisón, legal representative of Sea Cloud Cruises, and blessed on a 120-kilometer pilgrimage to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Sea Cloud Spirit is the modern-day avatar of the company’s 90-year-old flagship, the Sea Cloud. The 138-metre three-mast ship can accommodate up to 136 passengers. Sea Cloud Spirit’s inaugural season will comprise voyages along the Italian coast between Tuscany and Sicily, and the windjammer will cruise the waters around the Canary Islands from November until April 2022.

As crew managers of the Sea Cloud fleet, we at Unicrew Management feel blessed to be part of sailing history and feel committed to create exception client service standards for the guests of this amazing and unique vessel, which will be entirely hand-sailed.

Fair winds and smooth seas to the ship and crew.