Unicrew Management provides ship operators with qualified crew of all ranks, as well as riding teams and cruise vessel staff. We recruit hundreds of highly qualified sea-going personnel for ship-owners and management companies worldwide. Our crewing services conforms to the latest STCW standards and our safety and quality management systems are certified by Bureau Veritas. At the same time, we are MLC 2006 compliant and fully capable of providing the entire range of crew management services from a remote location on behalf of fleet operators. Our crew is trained for every kind of onboard duty and usually possess outstanding skills and safety record. At the same time, Unicrew is the recruiter of choice for maritime companies that need to source large volumes of experienced and skilled professionals at short notice. We provide bespoke recruitment solutions to international shipping companies by leveraging our extensive experience as individuals, and as a company, and our worldwide connections in the maritime expertise markets. We recalibrate our recruitment process to improve business outcomes based on an in-depth understanding of manning trends. Our management team comprise proven experts capable of delivering a wide range of operational, engineering and administrative solutions for maritime businesses.

Diversity in Expertise

Unicrew Management operates across a fairly wide geography encompassing Europe, East Europe and Asia and provides services to both clients and crew in several sectors of the maritime business, including ship operations, marine operations, shipbuilding, ship-repair, and sea tourism. We source personnel that are hard to find for clients in the maritime business looking to fill up onboard and shore positions such as marine engineers, ship fabricators and repair technicians. We supply talented and experienced professionals to customers whose business cover commercial shipping, cruise & passenger shipping, offshore oil & gas, marine engineering, naval architecture, operational administration, and repairs & technical solutions. Our recruitment fits all types of customer requirements, including permanent positions, contract openings, short-term hires, trainees and cadet. At Unicrew we pay special attention to retaining workers and grooming them to become best in their class. We take pride in delivering a talented multinational, multi-ethnic crew mix to our clients and we maintain large, diversified pool of sea-going and shore-based personnel, both crew and hospitality staff, who are working with us for decades.

Process based hiring

Unicrew Management maintains a candidate and applicant inventory comparable to the best in the business. Our personnel must have demonstrated skills and expertise in their chosen field of work and also possess a reputation for reliability in their peer group. Our candidates are meticulously screened for each vacancy to make sure that only the most deserving applicants reach the final stages of selection. Our recruitment method involves a rigorous process of screening, interviewing, selection, and briefing in order to match the candidate’s competency with the job. Because we are crew managers as well, our recruitment policies are meant to minimize cost and time of hire while ensuring that employers get the best people for their business. Every candidate is thoroughly verified and cross-referenced with past employers, government agencies and other organisations to ensure the right fit. Professional attitude and conduct are regularly assessed during interviews. Whether our client needs help with documentation, payroll, employee relations or performance, we assist you in achieving the desired objectives in a painless way.

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