Opulent rooms, exquisite food and superb service make each voyage a truly memorable time. Most importantly, Sea Cloud is known for its amazing crew and shore staff who work together to deliver outstanding luxury value on every sailing mission. A big part of the unforgettable Sea Cloud voyage is the wonderful interaction between guests and crew. All Sea Cloud ships have a full retinue of kitchen, service and housekeeping staff to make the guests feel special and enjoy their time on board without worry. We are known as the team that never compromises on quality. Sea Cloud people will do anything for guests with a smile. As hosts, we are the team that never fails to dazzle our guests and always delivers more than their expectations.

Sailing to the past

Sailing on the Sea Cloud ships is not like any other sea-going passenger experience, and markedly different and more personalised than sailing on a huge modern cruise ship offering nearly everything possible in modern luxury and recreation. Instead it is a journey back in time to the glory days of passenger shipping in the 19th century as the vessel moves forward from port to port. Probably the most telling differentiator of Sea Cloud vessels is its size and intimacy.

Romance and grandeur of tall ship sailing

Few people are aware of the experience of sailing on a vessel with sails, cruising with the winds over the waves under moonlit skies. That is why a Sea Cloud journey is so often an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable learning experience for most passengers. It gives you a sense of romance and freedom quite unlike anything one would expect in a lifetime on land. The crew is an absolute delight to interact with because not only do they know how to make each voyage special, but they are such rich repositories of stories and experiences of working on a piece of living history. Passenger-crew interactions are friendly and comforting, allowing for a more inclusive cruise experience in which one never loses the sense of how important good people are in a memorable journey.

Indeed, the Sea Cloud voyage experience is a throwback to a time when sailing was less mechanized and more dependent on the skills and experience of the crew on board. In other words, it is a part of maritime history when ships were the primary mode of transport and carried passenger and goods over long distances. A journey on Sea Cloud is a discovery of what it was like when sailing was a journey into nature with nature as guide, and imparts a sense of intimacy and familiarity quite unlike anything on board larger, more state-of-the-art cruise ships.

Building a world class crew pool

Unicrew Management has been a part of this amazing journey for over two and a half decades. We bring the people who make the Sea Cloud vessels such a unique and unforgettable passenger experience. Our selection and recruitment methods for navigation, engine room, housekeeping and hospitality crew help keep this large, caring and nurturing family together.

The secret lies in our diligence and meticulousness. We work hard at what we do because we want our clients to rest assured that their vessels are in good hands. This attitude and professionalism permeates through all of our crew management activities for Sea Cloud – selection, recruitment, crew deployment, logistics, payroll budget, staff training, and onboard policies.

We work in close coordination with the client and dovetail our services with the business objectives and policies of the owner. Unicrew has a fairly large crew pool sourced from all over the world, and a dedicated training facility in the Philippines. Underpinning our professional relationships is our commitment to core values such as teamwork, integrity, respect, life-long learning, and customer focus.

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