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Unicrew Management Limited has a network of approved hiring partners to assist in meeting the Company recruitment goals. Hiring partners are third party service providers, independently operated certified and meeting the requirements of MLC 1.4 “Seafarers Recruitment and Placement Services”.

The hiring partner’s responsibilities are to source, pre-screen, and present qualified applicants for final approval by our team. The hiring partner does not have the authority to hire applicants or decide on an assignment for approved applicants.

For the assignment of new crew, they will receive their confirmation and joining details from Unicrew Management Limited. The hiring partner will assist new crew with the Company medical requirements, visa applications and pre-joining arrangements.

Once the new crewmember joins the vessel, they become an employee of the company and will work directly with our crewing department for their schedule and future assignments.

Unicrew Management Limited pays its hiring partners for their services and does not allow the collection of administrative fees, agency fees, or processing fees from job applicants. The Company will cover all costs in regards to the assignment, medical examinations, joining / leaving expenses, and any flag state required documents/endorsements. However, it is the new crewmember’s responsibility to hold the relevant certificates/licence in order to fulfil the position that are employed in. The cost for Passports is for the crew members own account.

There is no fee associated with obtaining an interview, position, or ship assignment with the company. If you are asked to pay money for an interview, position, or ship assignment, or suspect other unethical activities, we encourage you to contact the Company

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