Promoting fair, clean and inclusive shipping

The nuts and bolts of our reputation and business strategy is the principle of giving our people a fair deal. We believe there is no conflict between our ethical code and delivering superior services to clients. This is what differentiates us from some of our competitors and keeps us focused on building strong, lifelong relationships. International shipping is largely self-regulated. Of course, there are conventions and guidelines that provide a broad framework for operations, but integrity, ethics and values remain a company’s own choice. Yet, a growing number of the companies today are taking steps to ensure that their businesses act ethically and they are seen as responsible corporate citizens. Unicrew Management recognizes that seafarers are the lifeline of global trade and all transaction involving them must conform to the highest ethical standards. We don’t compromise on the rights and welfare of seafarers, ensuring our conduct is always sensitive to crew well-being, safe and humane work conditions, as well as a discrimination-free and exploitation-free workspace. Our ethical values also promote diversity and inclusion in manning and crew management, bearing in mind equal opportunity and growth for crew of all nationalities.

Sustainability is embedded in our policy framework

The global campaign for an environmentally responsible and sensitive society has swept up shipping in its wave. The shipping industry is moving towards sustainability goals one company at a time against the backdrop of UN guidelines on environmental action. Some of shipping’s market leaders are adopting operational and technological innovation to become more sustainable. Beginning with NOx and SOx reductions by 2020, a 40% improvement in ship efficiency by 2030, and 50% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, the industry is already taking on the challenges and mining the opportunities of sustainability. Climate action requires the global fleet to not only reduce emissions but also adopt cleaner alternative fuels. Hydrogen, LNG and renewable power are some options on the table. But sustainability is not only about the carbon footprint, sustainable practices will not be effective if maritime workers are not involved. At Unicrew Management we believe sustainability is about creating a sustainable workplace for our crew and shore staff. Our primary focus is on health, safety and human rights. A sustainable workplace sensitive to people’s welfare needs invariably translates into better productivity, greater trust, and closer teaming among our crew. When sustainability matters at the individual level can sustainability be achieved across the industry.


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