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Unicrew Management’s training policy is a lifelong learning programme supported by the various training centres worldwide that deliver regular and customized training modules and competency evaluations to achieve the safety and regulatory requirements of our crew. At the centre of all training and professional development initiatives is raising a crew pool that is responsive and knowledgeable of today’s vessel operations. We provide bespoke training at all our main recruitment markets in the Philippines, Romania, Poland, Croatia, the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Montenegro. We have made considerable investments to equip and upgrade our training facilities in Manila as well as recruit qualified trainers and instructors to ensure our clients are getting qualified and competent personnel for their ships. But the learning process is no longer a classroom-centric activity, as the 2020 pandemic has shown us. Keeping in mind the emerging challenges of restricted movement, our learning methodologies are now undergoing a rapid transformation, adopting technology aided innovation for faster outcomes. Besides e-learning and remote training, we are now focusing on micro-training and on-the-job learning programmes in which each new crew member spends a part of the working day in working under the tutelage of a senior colleague and onboard teacher. While e-learning or remote education give seafarers an opportunity to bridge their knowledge gaps during shore leave, the onboard learning initiative helps mentor each crew member according to their training needs.

Learning begins early with our Cadet Programme

Unicrew Management works with a network of maritime schools and training colleges around the world giving us ready access to pick cadets from each institution. We attach great value to raising our own cadets because of the loyalty and lifelong commitment in our people. We place a premium on imbibing teaming, knowledge exchange and ambition among all our cadets. We understand the importance of continuity in our business and how cadets are the means to ensuring that continuity and delivering on the employer’s expectations and long-term goals. Therefore, inducting cadets at regular intervals is an integral component of our human resources development strategy and one of our primary means to becoming self-sufficient in sourcing competent officers to vessels under our management. Over the years the cadet programme has produced many officers in the Top Four ranks and some of them serve as Captains today. All this while we have continued to nurture excellent personal relationships with maritime academies in Manila, Malta, Montenegro, Constanta and Gdynia. Taking in cadets has given us an opportunity to keep our pool fresh and young. With new technology and training methods emerging in the last decade, we are able to provide today’s cadets with a more comprehensive shipboard experience and introduce them to technologies and skills they will need for the ships of the future.


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