The case for third-party crew management has never been stronger than it is today. Owners are aware of their limitations and cost efficiency has never been so critical to sustaining a profitable operation. An independent crew management company committed to providing client-focused service may be the obvious choice for most medium-sized owners. Unicrew Management can ensure bespoke crew management so that owners can benefit from superior standards of quality, safety, and cost-effective manning operations on their vessels. Our crew deployment team can help reduce the commercial risks faced by our clients by assuring each vessel with timely and effective rotation of officers and ratings while keeping riding teams on stand-by for mid-sea troubleshooting. We ensure careful screening and selection of qualified seafarers and undertake continuous competence evaluation so that our personnel are in peak form and capability. We have successfully nurtured an extensive network of supplier relations built over the decades and seamlessly channel the benefits of their expertise to our clients.

Managing a diverse pool

Unicrew Management has been providing crew management for over 30 years to various principals and we currently manage a large, widely-distributed multi-ethnic, multi-cultural pool of seafarers, technical crew and onboard hospitality personnel drawn from every major skills market in the world. We have Representative Offices in Romania, Montenegro, Poland and the Philippines, along with a training centre in Manila, while our come from Croatia, Montenegro, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, the Philippines, Romania and Ukraine. Unicrew considers itself as a service provider to both the owner and crew member and we are proud of our personal relationship with our crew, established over many years. We have over 1,500 officers and 2,000 ratings in our database, with approximately 550 officers actively serving. We recognize the importance of continuous learning and growth as a way of improving retention among our crew and provide regular training for our officers to meet the demand of owners and the constant changes in maritime regulations. Unicrew is committed to attracting fresh talent to seafaring by creating better job opportunities and safer working conditions on board.

Turning challenges into opportunities

Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to inform and influence the way global shipping looks at managing its workforce for a long time to come. Sometimes our most difficult challenges are our biggest learning opportunities. The role of a specialist crew manager requires balancing the needs and aspirations of seafarers with the financial budget of a vessel under all circumstances. The crew change crisis of 2020 brought into focus the importance of crew health, safety and well-being. Constant emphasis on cost efficiency and better financial results can compromise this objective. Unicrew Management is at the forefront of implementing no-compromise standards of crew health by giving them the necessary skills and knowledge to cope with day-to-day stress for extended periods of on board stay. The real challenge for us is to ensure retention after continuously subjecting crew to inhuman conditions, poor food, lack of medical care, and the uncertainty of safe disembarkation. We are putting in place strategies and safeguards to ensure our crew feel supported and recognised for their contribution to the global supply chain.

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