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Unicrew Management offers a wide spectrum maritime project consultancy, specializing in design-to-delivery of medium-sized bulk carriers, container ships and smaller cruise and passenger vessels. Our goal is to deliver bespoke solutions for ensuring the timely and efficient completion of shipbuilding projects by diligently supervising the project at every stage of the process. We help owners implement product innovation and conformity to standards by combining our knowledge and experience of the building process. Our services go beyond design and construction into areas of the building process that ensure a definite outcome even for the most demanding clients. Unicrew mobilizes its own project management team by recruiting the best talents for each position to monitor and control the building process right from the finalization of specification and drafting of contracts and stretches through with project planning, cost optimization, risk management, documentation, and building status reporting. We understand the level of technology and sophistication that the shipbuilding industry aspires to, and we achieve our clients’ objectives by bringing in both short-term specialists and full-time workers who can work at the shipyard for the entire duration of the project. We can find the right person for even the most challenging role.

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Unicrew Management covers a wide geography for its shipbuilding and project management services spanning from Japan in the east to the western shores of Europe, working with some of the most reputed shipyards and marine building contractors in the business today. Managing project costs and getting the best value for money while ensuring all-round quality control are the (pillars of) our expertise in this sector, and our projects range from medium-sized bulk carriers and container ships to luxury vessels in the cruise segment. Starting from specifications and contract, we provide support and supervision for design, fabrication, inspection, evaluation and outfitting for newbuilding projects, managing the whole process from the pre-contract stage to the final inauguration of the vessel. We deploy on-site supervisors and engineers to ensure the vessel is built to specification and conform to international regulations, as well as monitor quality issues at every stage of the project chronology. Our site teams are also charged with the responsibility of completing the building project on time and minimizing cost and schedule overruns. Unicrew newbuilding teams also help source equipment, engine, machinery and automation systems for installation at the best possible prices.

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