Range of options for the maintenance budget

Repair, retrofit and conversion remain the more popular choices when extending vessel life and safety are involved. Normally during an economic downturn, newbuilding orderbooks tend to stagnate but repair yards and dry docks continue to receive regular orders because of the pressure this exerts on the existing fleets. The recent downturn as a result of the 2020 pandemic will have a cascading effect on the repair, retrofitting and conversion market worldwide, visible for the medium to long term. Operational challenges will continue to affect the capacity of shipyards to deliver on time and take on new projects. Labour shortage and the tapering of scrubber installations and ballast water treat installations are forcing some yards to partially shut down activity and wait for a gradual return to normal. Travel restrictions are also contributing to this operational logjam, compelling many yards to seek out viable measures to meet their earlier commitments and keep the business rolling. Unicrew Management approaches the downward trend in repairs, retrofitting and conversion by devising innovative labour solutions for shipyards and project managers, sourcing engineers and technical workers closer to the location and helping clients cope with other challenges.

Just-in-time dry docking and ship lay-up

In the useful life of a sea-going vessel, it will require dry docking at least 5-6 times, for an average 2-3 weeks at each dock. Without proper supervision, dry docking can turn into a nightmare in terms of costs and time. Our people ensure expenses are kept in check with project planning and monitoring throughout the dry-docking period. Unicrew Management has considerable experience with providing dry docking and lay-up execution of vessels. Lay-up makes good business sense during economic downturns. It allows owners and operators to avoid non-profitable voyages while reducing crew costs and fuel consumption. Unicrew Management works with top-ranking professionals in their areas of expertise to provide a range of skills and expertise for the preparation of a vessel going into lay-up and its proper maintenance till it is sailing again. We procure approval by Flag State, Port State, harbour, classification societies, and insurers when preparing for lay-up. We help identify a suitable lay-up location and provide logistics, crewing, surveillance and re-activation. We propose and execute vessel preservation and pro-active maintenance during the lay-up period that are critical to optimal vessel performance when it is reactivated.

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