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Unicrew Management is well known among shipowners and fleet operators as a service provider of excellence, placing efficiency and productivity at the heart of all business relationships and consistently delivering value addition and innovation with each and every client assignment. As third-party management, we look at crew manning and technical supervision as efficiency enhancing processes that improve the customer’s bottom line while saving costs and improving know-how. We have been in Crew Management for over 30 years for a diverse fleet of cargo and cruise vessels, including bulk carriers, containerships, and luxury passenger yachts manned by a multinational pool of qualified officers and crew from Europe and Asia.

Bespoke expertise for the discerning owner

Unicrew promises transparency in reporting, sticking to a well-defined workflow that allows our principals to remain fully informed through the engagement, whether it concerns budgeting, costs, operations, manning, maintenance, or regulatory compliance. We work closely with our principals when assuming charge of a vessel and keep them fully informed about our budgeting strategy, operational procedures, technical standards, training and upskilling methodologies throughout the engagement. All programs are cleared after cost-benefit analyses.

Customer Experience (CX)

Unicrew Management seeks to deliver improved customer experience with each engagement, incorporating the demands of increased digitization and maritime regulatory changes while maintaining cost efficiency. Our most rewarding achievements are customer success stories that build relationships spanning over decades, rising above cycles of growth and recession that characterize the shipping economy. We see things differently: Our clients are not only owners and vessel operators, our crew are our customers too, though more involved in our day-to-day operations.

Unicrew CX management is achieved through continuous innovation and innovative communications. We leverage new technologies to gather feedback from customers and improve services delivery. As the crew is the weakest link in the chain of building successful client experience because of the nature of their temporary employment, they seldom get time or guidance to fully understand and deliver on the employers’ policies and procedures. We assure our crew comprehensive leadership, culture and workplace experience so that our people can carry forward their emotional well-being on board.

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