Sea Cloud is really about the crew. The high crew-to-passenger ratio of each vessel is a big contributor in the guest experience. Our crew is known for excellence in service, promptness, ability to understand guest needs, good communicators with a desire to make others feel relaxed. From embarkation to leaving the vessel after completing a cruise, our crew makes each guest feel special. This requires unwavering dedication from our people. As crew, you must be alert and pro-active. We are a tight crew that works in tandem with the sailing calendar and cruise itinerary. Crew members are expected to be energetic and quick thinking, have a positive, can-do attitude, a smiling, bubbly personality, and work well under pressure.

One big sailing family

Every member of the Sea Cloud family is cherished for their contribution. Each one of us brings fresh skills, passion and a deep love for sailing. Our people get the freedom to give their best. As a result, they are happiest when doing something special for our passengers. The Sea Cloud family has mysterious chemistry — once you become a part of it you may never want to leave. Take our Philippines crew, for example. Barkeeper Avelino Saltarin joined Sea Cloud in 1982, Maitre d’ Roger Roldan joined in 1986 as did service staff Vicente Roldan. They are still with us today. Over the years they have become invaluable to the passenger experience. Between the three of them alone they have over 90 years of service to the Sea Cloud family. To our passengers, it is the dedication and loyalty of the crew that makes the Sea Cloud experience so special for everyone.

What sets our crew apart

Unicrew recruits Sea Cloud crew and staff with the right traits from the outset. All hands onboard must demonstrate some common attitude and characteristics, besides possessing the right skill set. To begin with our crew should be guest-focused, friendly and outgoing in their guest relations. Everything happens for the guests. In spite of everything that happens on the ship, crew need to respond to guests first. We want people who demonstrate patience and resilience in the face of stress.

No matter what the guest feedback, Sea Cloud staff should have the ability to listen attentively, taking a calm and measured approach to get the matter sorted out and the job done. The job is a lifelong learning mission and our staff and crew should come with a willingness to embrace fresh knowledge and knowhow. Today’s cruise industry comes with an array of new rules, regulations and protocols, and our crew is expected to know everything and always remain on top of the situation.

Teaming is paramount and the successful Unicrew recruit should fit into the team from Day One and work closely with colleagues to assist the guests. Our people should be “people persons” who can truly listen and absorb instructions and guest feedback, and make the changes necessary. That means crew and staff who don’t argue but listen closely, and people who truly care about what others are saying. Being naturally kind and responsive is the ideal profile of any successful Sea Cloud crew member.

Family of professionals

There’s something to say for a crew that behaves like family – there’s more coordination and cooperation than competition. Work gets done faster, responsibilities are delegated or shared instantly. Every task is designed give the guests an incomparable travel experience in an exceptional ship. Involves a lot of work every day, a diligent almost stubborn dedication to keeping the ship in top shape. When the crew is in good spirits and emotionally connected, hard work feels like a walk in the park. It is a testament to Unicrew’s unique abilities to bring together crew from different parts of the world and quickly make a team out of them under the right leadership. We take pride in creating a just and nurturing culture among the crew so that each person feels safe and comfortable to communicate openly and seek the assistance they need to get the job done. Each crew member has one eye on the guests and another on colleagues and everybody contributes towards the Sea Cloud experience.

Crew-guest relations

Our guests are highly satisfied with their Sea Cloud experiences, which is why we have so many of them returning for second and third trips. Then there are guests who have been on most of our Caribbean and Mediterranean tours and we know them pretty well and they know the crew pretty well. Every day our crew strives to create customer loyalty by giving their 110% to better guest relations. That does not mean there aren’t the occasional complaints, but the crew is trained to resolve these immediately so that our guests can continue enjoying a first-class sailing experience. These incidences help us remain alert and quick-thinking while giving us invaluable opportunity to learn. Under our Open Deck policy, guests are invited to participate in sailing the vessel they are on and learn the mechanics of a classic sailboat. Close interaction with guests is our best way to get accurate, real-time customer feedback. The Sea Cloud itinerary is perfectly geared to personalizing the guest experience by giving the crew a free hand to design the tour programme.

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