Spinning off manning for operating efficiency

In the post-pandemic economy, the global shipping industry outlook appears optimistic as dry bulk and container shipping witness a slow but steady recovery. Vessel operators are going to benefit from a partial rebound in demand as trade resumes in fits and starts. Of course, shipping could remain vulnerable to occasional shocks, and periods of trade protectionism and trade sanctions. All these point towards a rise in operating costs. Unicrew Management is firmly placed in demonstrating to owners and operators that opportunities exist even in such challenging times. Medium and small owners can continue to protect their bottom line by forward planning and outsourcing some of their volatile cost centres to reliable partners with proven expertise. Unicrew sees major opportunity in post-pandemic shipping as small and medium owners look to replace big legacy costs with innovative manning solutions. Few companies were prepared for the crew change crisis that following the global outbreak of Coronavirus, and fewer still have workable plans to avoid steep crew costs in the face of outright refusal by charterers to share the crew change costs. We provide a pipeline out of this logjam by ensuring our crew are prepared to bear the hardships for the temporary period.

At the forefront of post crisis crewing culture

For more than 30 years now, Unicrew Management has managed container ships with outstanding business results, successfully teaming European officers and mixed crew selected from among European and Asian markets for optimal cost efficiency. We have partnered with world class crew training centres in Manila, Romania and Latvia to get our seafarers trained in the latest competencies and our crew welfare and health program is second to none in the shipping industry. Today when a global pandemic threatens to disrupt supply chains that power the global economic engine, we are ever more confident of providing the answers our clients are looking for, and assure them of continuity and increased protection of their cargo and vessels. We are at the forefront of championing a vessel manning paradigm that supports sustainability. We promote crew health, safety, human rights and their right to fair treatment by all governments. This will require us to factor in the human cost of running a vessel and ensure our crew is accorded the priority they deserve. At the same time, Unicrew will continue to explore new markets for crew supply, especially in Asia and Latin America, to keep up with the demand for competent crew.

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