Unicrew Management is a premier staffing and recruitment solutions provider of marine technical personnel, offering tailor-made solutions for contract and permanent marine workforce. We provide all the trades necessary for shipbuilding and repair, as well as riding teams for ships in distress anywhere on the seas. By using a specialist recruitment and staffing agency, our partners benefit from broadening their candidate search in terms of geography and skills. Our recruiters know the market well, and they are quite successful in building a talent pool by spotting the right candidates and building relationship with them for future career opportunities. Unicrew recruiters are experts in their field, possessing deep industry knowledge. We are uniquely placed to provide manpower solutions to our clients because of our understanding of the market and workforce demand. We save hundreds of man-hours of administrative work involved in handling and responding to job applications, or candidate vetting and reference checking. In addition, we use our large network to save the client thousands of dollars of advertisement costs. Unicrew uses its wide network to source talent, ensuring our clients can get the best possible value for their recruitment dollars and the best candidates for their various staffing needs.

Scaled recruitment for flexible needs

Our marine recruiters have a solid background in engineering project execution, and know the skills and experience each client needs for specific jobs. That is why Unicrew Management can source outstanding people for each assignment whether it is a short-term contract at a dry dock or a permanent executive position at a shipbuilder. Unicrew understands that your workforce needs to be flexible and responsive to the economic cycle of the shipyard calendar. Besides having the right skills, you need people who will absorb in your project cycle and demonstrate the fit and flexibility that define an effective workforce. Whether you need cover for a short-term project or permanent staff for the office, or even project-based deployment that works on specific assignments, we provide recruitment solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. For professional or management positions that are critical to the long-term success of any large engineering business, we provide premium placement services without a premium price tag. Our recruiters are well positioned to fill any professional vacancy with candidates who will bring fresh expertise and dynamism to the business. At the same time, we pride ourselves on being able to meet client demands with hires for individual projects that help reduce staff spending.

Spanning the lifecycle of a vessel

Unicrew Management offers recruitment, deployment and secondment solutions for every stage of the vessel’s lifespan, starting from hull construction till the scrapping of end-of-life vessels. For shipyards and dry docks, we assist in optimizing workforce management and save on permanent employment costs of a large workforce when the order books are lean. Working with Unicrew comes with a guarantee for reliable, responsive and intelligent staffing solutions at highly competitive costs. We have sourced hundreds of technicians for scrubber installations, hull repair, hydraulic repairs for cranes, hydraulic pumps, and hydraulic motors, engine re-conditioning, boiler repairs and retubing, specialized welding jobs and anti-corrosive coatings for vessel interiors and exteriors. Shipyard and dry docks around the world engage with us for sending them a wide range of tradesmen such as structural fabricators, riggers, pipe fitters, electricians, welders, plumbers, scrubbers, tank cleaners, carpenters and paint-job specialists, supervisors and quality control inspectors. Our riding teams have a reputation for handling any kind of repair and maintenance jobs on the high seas. They arrive fully equipped for mid-sea distress calls ready to deal with practically any kind of engineering, mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic malfunction that may arise on a trading vessel, helping ship operators minimize downtime and achieve optimum vessel efficiency on a 24/7 basis.


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