The Sea Cloud fleet of three vessels is built around the historic legacy of the original Sea Cloud, an extravagant indulgence even by the standards of American millionaires of the early 20th century. The Sea Cloud first set sail in 1931 as a pleasure yacht of the American millionaire Edward F. Hutton and his equally wealthy wife, Marjorie Merriweather Post, who as couple already owned several luxury vessels. The exacting workmanship and building standards would inspire the building of the Sea Cloud II almost 70 years later. Sea Cloud Spirit, the third vessel in the dream fleet, is the latest 21st century addition to this legacy of luxury and style.

The Sea Cloud fleet is maintained to the highest standards of workmanship, earning the honour of being the best-kept ships in the world. Thousands of hours are spent each year by a highly-skilled and dedicated team in maintaining the ships to the highest possible standards, even with a busy sailing schedule throughout the year.

Tall ships, windjammers, cruise yachts

These are no show boats. The fleet is equipped with the most modern equipment and amenities without making these too imposing on the actual passenger experience. Instead, there’s plenty of privacy and space on the vessels to allow enjoying a quiet and intimate communion with the seas. Nothing seems hurried or deliberate; each moment has its own resonance in time and space. What seems so remarkable and memorable is how the crew manage to deliver world class service without intruding into passenger space, as if tip-toeing around the leisure and luxury bubble surrounding each traveller on board.

Sea Cloud ships are meant to provide a classic sailing experience, complete with teak floors, silk upholstered furnishings, king-sized beds in opulent luxury suites, polished brass and elegant but attentive service. The food on board is something else altogether, put every meal put together by a retinue of chefs and cooks trained to provide fine dining experience every day and a carefully curated wine cellar.

Spirit of Freedom

Sea Cloud Spirit, the newest, largest and most luxurious member of the Sea Cloud fleet is the very embodiment of luxury and grace. It’s a vessel meant to make headlines everywhere it goes, and it’s special not just by looks but also by the technology and interior design it embodies. Besides being a 21st century passenger vessel in classic 18th century good looks, the Sea Cloud Spirit is a rare combination of wind-driven mast-assisted sailing with state-of-the-art engine and navigation equipment.

The ship’s layout and design are the result of years of passenger feedback from the other ships on the fleet. Naturally then, the Spirit will spawn a generation of specialist crew with a unique set of skills, professionalism and attitude. Unicrew is responsible for building a pool that exclusively serves on the Spirit and vessels like the Spirit that are meant to follow in its footsteps.

This is Unicrew’s greatest challenge so far. Raising a specialized luxury vessel crew pool involves meticulous recruitment, long-term grooming, mentoring and reskilling sea-going professionals and preparing them for a brave, new world. This is a crew that will break barriers and set new benchmarks in customer service and vessel readiness, food service and housekeeping, maintenance and repairs at short notice, health services unparalleled in the cruise shipping industry.

Health and safety

The search for safe and disease-proof cruise shipping has only just begun, but experts are coming round to the consensus that smaller ships with fewer passengers are probably a better option because of the ease with which they can implement health and safe distancing protocols. Sea Cloud is flexible and can tailor its travel itinerary with health and safety as its guiding principles. Once the fleet resumes its sailing schedule, our crew will set exemplary standards in proving enjoyable sailing experience with none of the worries of a big commercial cruise liner.

Unicrew is putting in place an elaborate crew safety protocol that revolves around reliable and frequent testing, code of conduct and best practices, embarkation, disembarkation and air travel protocol, PPE kits for airport transit, using public toilets and crash courses on emergency situations on board. We can prove we will continue to deliver the same Sea Cloud cruise experience our guests have enjoyed since the beginning.

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