Crew planning and rotation has evolved from a cumbersome, office-centric exercise to a sophisticated collaborative cloud-based resource that reduces human error and administrative time, and maximizes crew continuity and profitability. The primary objective behind our crew planning is to repeatedly get the same senior officers back on the vessels they are familiar with. It helps senior officers assume management roles besides their professional duties, and become more involved in vessel management, financial efficiency and quality control. It has been an age-old practice with Unicrew Management to build and maintain a captive pool of seafarers dedicated to groups of vessels or even a single vessel. Digital crew planning and rotation means a wealth of data is already available on how senior crew members can be clubbed together to ensure maximum operational efficiency on each vessel. Since manning is often the biggest expense for running a vessel, crew continuity can help keep other costs in check. Unicrew leverages its crew scheduling and management applications to accurately map crew movement and know in real time who is scheduled to join the ship, their arrival and departure dates, port visits, agents, cash and crew accounts, vessel certificates and provisions on board.

Giving clients the advantage of a diverse pool

Unicrew Management has built a robust talent pipeline over the years, keeping in mind the diverse manpower requirements of our clients in the maritime industries and their changing needs. We draw our crew pool and marine manpower from many countries and bring them under a common company culture. As specialist recruiters and crew managers, we believe having a sizeable workforce inventory in key sourcing markets often helps us find the right candidate for each job in a fairly short time. It also helps us keep pace with the changing manpower trends in shipping and planning ahead for the future. Crew retention is a critical element in building a strong pool. The breadth and diversity of our crew pool ensures that our clients can easily manage fleet manning uncertainty and develop long-term plans for growth. At Unicrew, we have a large pool of seafarers and other sea-going staff who have worked with us for 15-20 years. This has been possible because we treat our people with warmth and respect, and strive to provide secure permanent employment to those who work for us. Our seafarers and sea-going staff are our family, and we treat their professional and personal well-being as topmost priority.

Competence is a world of precision

Seafaring usually requires a lifelong willingness to learn new skills on the job and skilling happens almost on a daily basis. Unicrew Management recognizes the need for a lifelong learning culture for all seafaring personnel and this process of skilling starts with our cadets. The need to constantly keep up with the state of knowledge in the industry is embedded in the cadet training programme and continues up the ranks. Yet, knowledge is not all that a seafarer needs to have; competency is what is expected: skills and aptitude in combination with knowledge. To make vessels safe and free from human error, our seafarers need to display exceptional competence every day on board. Unicrew has patronized centres of excellence in training at different locations around the world for well over two decades, making it accessible to our crew at the shortest possible time. Today’s seafarers are not just looking for a comfortable paycheck, opportunities for professional development and training are just as important to their long-term life goals. We are committed to giving our seafarers the tools and knowhow to compete in the age of megaships, improve onboard efficiency and remain relevant in a connected world.


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