Quality underpins everything we strive to achieve

Unicrew Management implements its commitment to health, safety, environment and quality by requiring all stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, crew, contractors, sub-contractors and other shore staff to adhere to our HSEQ policies throughout their association with the company, as well as improve their own quality management systems as and when required. These policies are geared towards HSEQ objectives that ensure a consistent reduction in human error, onboard accidents and incidents, damage to vessel, cargo and the marine ecology, crew death and disability, as well as regulatory non-compliance. At the same time, our quality management systems and procedures are meant to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness without compromising on the established best practices of the industry. We prioritise quality management in order to ensure health and safety of crew in shipboard operations. Providing a safe and healthy work environment requires all Unicrew people must be well informed and keep abreast of new health, safety and environment standards that are coming into play every month. Our HQSE policies undergo periodic re-evaluation for continuous improvement. This is how we deliver on our commitment to safeguarding human lives and preventing damage to the marine ecosystem through recycling, waste reduction, and energy conservation in shipboard operations.

Safety first, Safety above everything

Safety is delivered, maintained, ensured and improved by people groomed in a culture of loss-prevention. Crew and managers onboard must feel responsible for and personally accountable to their co-workers, company and the marine environment to implement safety conditions that minimize injury, fatality, loss and damage. Yet, seafarers seldom come from the same place and ships are multinational, multicultural environments bringing different languages, cultures and lifestyles face to face. Disagreements and animosity are bound to emerge. In the matter of ensuring safety continuously, this can be a challenge. New systems or procedures can be difficult to introduce. At Unicrew Management, our focus is on selecting the right people for the right responsibilities. Ensuring safety requires leadership and training to ensure compliance and maintain a culture of safety on board. Teaming and group communications help bring a purpose among crew that can have a positive effect on safety management. Good communications also improve the overall efficiency of the onboard team. We are committed to go well beyond the requirements of compliance and documentation to ensure a shipboard ethos that places safety above everything else. For us, safety and security make good business sense and need to be realized in all their implications to achieve meaningful business outcomes.


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