Diversification & sustainability in cruising

Cruise shipping remains the fastest growing segment in the travel industry, generating nearly $150 billion in direct and indirect revenues and employing over a million people. Salary averages in cruise shipping are far above other travel and tourism jobs. Cruise ships employ a wide variety of skilled and semi-skilled workers who come from all corners of the world, making this a truly global business. Even with a slowdown in cruise shipping due to the 2020 pandemic, the industry is investing heavily in passenger health and safety to ensure a gradual return to normalcy. One interesting outcome of the downturn has been the emergence and growth of adventure and expedition tourism products in the market, where passenger numbers can be kept low and better health and safety ensured through fewer port calls and people-to-people contact during voyage. On a more optimistic note, the growing focus on crew and passenger safety on board is here to stay for the long term and is already reflecting in standards implemented on other sea-going vessels. Our target is to provide full health and safety protocol for cruise crew, ensuring staff is trained to handle any crisis on board.

People make the difference in service quality

Unicrew Management has been managing luxury and cruise ships for the last 25 years, accumulating decades of valuable knowledge and hands-on experience of recruitment, crew and staff management of specialty passenger vessels during their period of growth. Luxury vessels require a wide range of skills and souring staff – from ship masters to housekeeping trainees – poses unique challenges for any recruitment and staffing outfit. Cruise lines are well known for having their own culture and policy and they want crew and staff who fit perfectly with the team and company. They want people who tick all their requirement criteria – education, skills, work experience, and personality. These employers want hard and soft skills, a people person, dedicated and unmindful of the long and arduous hours that characterize jobs on board cruise ships. As specialist recruiters, Unicrew understands the complexities of hiring for cruise lines. Our recruiters have years of relevant experience working for demanding clients, and fully understand the challenges and nuances of hiring professionals who can fit navigation, engine room, hospitality and housekeeping positions in a luxury passenger vessel. We source talent from different parts of the world, putting together teams of different levels of skills and experience in a single unique package.

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