We have some very important and exciting news for you regarding the Sea Clouds.

Unicrew Management would like to inform you that Sea Cloud Cruises has accepted a Letter of Intent from “The Yacht Portfolio”, an asset manager of luxury maritime vessels including The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, for the acquisition of the company and its fleet of three Sea Cloud vessels, the Sea Cloud, Sea Cloud II and the newly-built Sea Cloud Spirit.

Please find attached a copy of the official press release or this can be viewed by following the link:

The Yacht Portfolio has signalled that there will be a continuity in the operations, staff and crew of Sea Cloud Cruises. Sea Cloud Cruises will continue to keep Hamburg as its headquarters and the employees will continue working for the Sea Cloud fleet.

Unicrew is excited about the new collaboration and feels having such a well-established global brand behind the Sea Clouds will ensure unparalleled growth opportunities for the crew of all Sea Cloud ships as well as greater passenger capacity and maintaining the 5-star service for the passengers.

We will keep you informed for updates.