Unicrew is proud to announce the appoint of John Svendsen as Captain of Sea Cloud, a legend in the sailing world that celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.

“The Sea Cloud has a history that has inspired generations to leave their homes behind and go to sea,” Captain Svendsen said after his appointment. “Even after several years as first officer and now as captain, this unique ship, which is largely preserved in its original state, continues to impress me. Every time I see guests make a special memory on board; I continue to be inspired.”
“To feel the history of a ship, to experience the sea in such a special place and to contribute to keeping maritime traditions alive, these are the forces that drive me,” Svendsen added.

Sea Cloud was built 90 years ago at the Germania shipyard in Kiel for the American heiress, philanthropist and General Foods owner Marjorie Merriweather Post. For over four decades now, the luxury vessel has sailed the world for Hamburg-based Sea Cloud Cruises.

Svendsen, 50, who served several years as First Mate of Sea Cloud before advancing to Captain, has decades of experience working on ships around the world. Following nautical training, he was captain and chief of marine organization for The Nature Conservancy.

Before joining Sea Cloud, Svendsen sailed around the world on the Norwegian ship Sørlandet for four years, and also served as chief mate on the Bounty, which was originally built for the motion picture The Mutiny on the Bounty.

We welcome Captain Svendsen’s appointment as commander of the Sea Cloud and wish him great success in the years to come.