We are happy to announce that a majority of our crew is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and they have taken their booster doses as well. Thank you all who have chosen to protect yourself, your colleagues and fellow travelers on board.

As the pandemic continues to reappear in different parts of the world, we are now dealing with the dominant variant, OMICRON, which is a fast spreading variant of the Coronavirus. This variant is dangerous because it tends to affect almost all those who come in close contact with it.

Taking booster shots in time helps us to beat the virus and reduces possibilities of delay in transiting through airports and ports. Otherwise crew may be subject to testing and quarantine.

To ensure that we follow the safety regulations applicable in all countries dealing with the crisis, we encourage all our seafarers to get their vaccination at the earliest. Travelling to and from vessels poses a risk and full vaccination provides the best possible protection for the individual and others concerned.

The vaccine also helps reduce the symptoms of the illness if one does happen to catch it.

Our seafarers must understand that full vaccination is mandatory for joining duty. If vaccines are in short supply in the country of residence, notify us immediately and we will make suitable arrangements at the home port.

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