Crew Management Services

Unicrew Management Limited boasts 30 years’ experience offering crew management services to first-class ship owners. We work for a modern fleet of container, bulk carrier and general cargo vessels as well as 5-star passenger vessels.

Our aim is to offer a quality service to the ship owner, always ensuring we provide qualified, competent crew. We understand that each ship owner has specific requirements and can be fully flexible in offering a bespoke service to meet their needs. Unicrew Management Limited is a service provider to both the ship owner and crew members and we’re proud of our personal relationships we have established with our crew over many years.


Training future seafarers

Over a number of years, we have established a cadet training program with the co-operation of our ship owners and international maritime schools. Committed to training future seafarers, this initiative has enjoyed great success and we are proud that many of our officers are also our ex-cadets.

In addition to our cadets program, Unicrew Management Limited regularly provides training to bridge and engine management teams via our training facility in Manila.

See our training page for more information.